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Our Mission

Deep Roots Charter School’s (DRCS) mission is to teach disciplined learners and to empower them to grow and serve in their community, in college and beyond.

Quick Facts

We will be located in the Kensington catchment community.


The focus of our DRCS community will be college preparatory, preparing students for success at a selective institution.


At DRCS, the driving force in our community will be world class teaching in every classroom.


Formerly of Jounce Partners, G. Logan Blyler will serve as the DRCS school leader.


At DRCS, we will be utilizing the extended school day and extended school year.


School Leadership

G. Logan Blyler
G. Logan BlylerSchool Leader
For the last two years Mr. Blyler worked as Jounce School Launch Partner with Jounce Partners in the development of Deep Roots Charter School. During that time he worked with the Executive Director to improve and refine the Jounce coaching model and lead training for school leaders and teachers across Jounce partner schools. In Mr. Blyler’s partner schools, teachers demonstrated growth in the areas of student achievement, time on-task, student engagement, and staff culture. Mr. Blyler also developed his school leadership skill set to ultimately launch Deep Roots Charter School in the Fall of 2018. Mr. Blyler earned his B.S. from Temple University and his M.S.Ed from the University of Pennsylvania.

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