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Our Mission

Deep Roots Charter School’s (DRCS) mission is to teach disciplined learners and to empower them to grow and serve in their community, in college and beyond.

DRCS Enrollment Form

Deep Roots Charter School (“Charter School” or “DRCS”) is a tuition-free public school. DRCS is open to all students in Pennsylvania with certain preferences, in accordance with Charter law. DRCS has established procedures to ensure that potential students and their families are fully informed of the school’s mission, design, and expectations. Once a student is enrolled in DRCS, he/she will not be required to re-enroll for subsequent school years.

Enrollment Period and Admissions Lottery: Formal recruitment of incoming students begins each January for the following school year. All grades are subject to the same enrollment and lottery process. DRCS staff advertises open registration to students residing within the Philadelphia city limits via signs, flyers, recruitments events, partnerships with community organizations, and internet postings. DRCS staff and volunteers will also engage in door-to-door canvassing efforts in the DRCS catchment to recruit students throughout the year.

Interested families may submit applications beginning October 15th through the DRCS website (below), by emailing DRCS an enrollment form, by faxing an enrollment form, or by dropping one off at one of the schools. The deadline for applications is April 1st of the preceding school year.

A student is eligible for admission to the DRCS if he or she is a resident of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. A non-Philadelphia resident may be admitted only if there are no Philadelphia resident students applying for that particular grade, after fulfillment of the enrollment preferences. Non-resident students’ per pupil allotment must be paid by the district in which the non-resident student resides.


Accurately completing this Enrollment Form means that you will be contacted if your child is selected in our lottery. Turning in this form does NOT mean your child is automatically enrolled in Deep Roots Charter School (DRCS). By signing and submitting this Enrollment Form, you agree that all information on this form is true and without fraud. If your child is enrolled by using false or misleading information on this form, it may result in the discharge of your child(ren) from the school.

*Enrollment Forms MUST be submitted to Deep Roots Charter School by April 1, 2018. If by April 1, 2018 DRCS receives more Enrollment Forms than available seats, we will hold a randomized lottery in early April to determine admission. If fewer students apply than available seats, DRCS will continue to accept Enrollment Forms on a first-come, first-serve basis until all slots are filled.

The form below is not the enrollment registration packet. Please contact us if you have questions about the enrollment registration packet or submission process.

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