Everything we do begins and ends with one question:
“How does this impact our student’s, families and community?”

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Our Mission

Deep Roots Charter School’s (DRCS) mission is to teach disciplined learners and to empower them to grow and serve in their community, in college and beyond.

Resources & Information

2018-2019 School Year | Student Registration Packet

  1. If you have not applied to DRCS, please visit our enroll page and submit your application for enrollment.
  2. This fillable document is for student’s who have been accepted to DRCS. You can download and fill in the fields right at your computer, then save and send back to us!
  3. Be sure to save the document to your computer PRIOR to filling it out. If you fill out in the browser and save, the information will not save properly.
Download Packet

Student Supplies List

  1. Follow the button below to download the 2018-2019 student supplies list. Due to several families reporting issues finding orange composition books, we have changed to blue. Thanks!
Student Supplies List

School Calendar

  1. Follow the button below to download the 2018-2019 school calendar.
Download School Calendar
View School Calendar

Breakfast & Lunch Menus

  1. Follow the buttons below to download the September breakfast and lunch menus.
Breakfast Menu
Lunch Menu

Parent/Family Checks & Clearances

  1. Follow the buttons below to submit for your clearances. These are required to volunteer or take part in school events. Please reach out if you have any questions about the status page or results.
State Criminal Record Check
Child Abuse Clearance

Quick Facts

We will be located in the Kensington catchment community.


The focus of our DRCS community will be college preparatory, preparing students for success at a selective institution.


At DRCS, the driving force in our community will be world class teaching in every classroom.


Formerly of Jounce Partners, G. Logan Blyler will serve as the DRCS school leader.


At DRCS, we will be utilizing the extended school day and extended school year.


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