Dear Deep Roots Families,

Each individual in our school community has been impacted by this weekend’s events. We have seen the tremendously emotional protests that have brought attention to the racial injustices that have plagued black communities for much longer than the murder of George Floyd. We have also seen the horrific looting and theft that has gravely impacted the city. From Kensington Ave and Aramingo Ave near our building, across Center City, all the way to 52nd street in West Philly, our students, parents, staff, families, and friends have felt the impact of both.

Times like this require us to step back and focus on what matters most.  Right now what matters most is doing what we can in order to support one another. In order to support our families to focus on what matters most, our team is relaxing any expectations that students participate in planned instruction for the remainder of the week.

  • For those families that need to focus the time, energy and attention on other things this week, you have our support.  Do not feel the need to log into any online platforms.
  • For those families who want to maintain a sense of normalcy, all of this week’s assignments are already loaded onto the online learning platforms.

Our staff and your students’ teachers will follow your lead this week.  If you want your students’ teacher to work with them on assignments, let them know.  If you want your students’ teacher to support your family with navigating new challenges, let them know.  If you want your students’ teacher to give your family the week to wrap your head around what is happening in our city, let them know that you would prefer them to reconnect with you next week.  We commit to being here for you in whatever way you most need us.

We will continue to monitor the events around the city and will be in touch with additional updates along the way.  Please reach out to us, and to one another.  We need to lean on each other for support,  compassion, and love now more than ever.


The Deep Roots Team