Deep Roots Families,

For the past several weeks, Philadelphia County has been placed in the “substantial” category for COVID-19 infections.  While in the substantial level, the Pennsylvania Department of Health and Pennsylvania Department of Education recommends that schools continue fully remote instruction.

Already high infection rates are also continuing increase which presents a number of health concerns and safety risks for students, families, and staff.  As a result, plans to phase students back to DRCS for in person instruction January 19-February 1, 2021 are being placed on hold.  As community infection rates in Philadelphia begin to decrease, as opposed to increase, we will revisit returning to in person instruction.

We have been deeply impressed by the DRCS community’s resilience and commitment to working together to overcome the challenges of remote learning.  With your continued support our teachers and staff will remain focused on serving and supporting your students safely each and every day.


The Deep Roots Team