I was thankful to hear the outcome of the verdict reached today in the murder of George Floyd. I hope that this verdict will help to bring his family and friends some semblance of vindication and peace after his horrific and incredibly public murder. However, I still feel great sadness for fact that all of this could have been avoided and the outcome that George Floyd’s family would have more deeply desired was having him still with us. Despite this verdict being a step in the right direction, there is still a long way to go to ensure that our systems of justice actually act that way for all people and not just for some. Until murders like George Floyds are prevented, instead of responded to, we won’t truly be making a difference for people of color in our country. We at Deep Roots are committed now more than ever to being an actively anti-racist organization that seeks to dismantle these barriers both within our walls and in our communities.

G. Logan Blyler
Founder and School Leader