Position Summary:

Deep Roots Charter School is seeking a Founding School Operations Manager to join the Operations Team of the First Deep Roots Charter School in Philadelphia. The ideal candidate functions as a contributor for many operations functional areas of the school such as Transportation, Food Service, Facility Supports, Family Communications and Support, Data Management, Student Activities, and Systems Management. The Manager will work closely with Operations Team and will report directly to the Dean of Operations. The School Operations Manager is a highly personable, systematic thinking, and extremely organized individual who believes in the Deep Roots value system and school model. The School Operations Manager will be flexible and function in multiple capacities daily and will seek to solve operational problems and challenges that could limit the impact that teachers and school staff can have with students and families. Due to the diverse community in which Deep Roots will be serving, Spanish speaking applicants are not required, but highly preferred.


  • Ability to relate to and communicate with a diverse population of students and parents
  • Attention to detail, strong work ethic
  • The ability to anticipate and solve problems before they arise
  • Logical flexibility and urgency
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Experience managing, organizing, and analyzing data
  • Proficiency in MS Office (MS Excel and MS Outlook, in particular)
  • Strong time management and organization skills and the ability to prioritize, multitask and organize work
  • A belief in the core values of Practice, Service and Purpose

Essential Functions:

  • Data Management
    • Supporting with timely and accurate data reporting and compliance requirements
    • Monitoring the accuracy and implementation of operations specific data processes including daily student attendance, transportation rosters, meal counts
    • Support and train staff towards ensuring accurate operational data
    • Ensuring that Student Information System (SIS) records are accurate
    • Leveraging best practices to ensure that all stakeholders (students, families, staff, partner organizations, etc.) have access to accurate and reliable data
    • Collaborating with operations colleagues to ensure that comprehensive student files are maintained.
  • School Routine and Process Management
    • Support the development of, and help oversee arrival, lunch, dismissal, transportation and other wholeschool systems and procedures.
    • Support with meeting student needs that have operational impacts, including food service, nursing services, transportation services, etc.
    • Support operations leadership in honing school wide emergency procedures and drills
    • Collaborate with operations and instructional leadership, partners and service providers to ensure that all parties’ needs and requirements are addressed. (ie: Food Service Vendor, Building Maintenance/Cleaning Vendor, Nursing Services Vendor, Behavioral Health Services Vendors, etc.
  • Physical Asset Oversight and Management
    • Create and maintain databases for student records, school equipment inventory etc.
    • Manage and troubleshoot minor educational technology issues
    • Manage and develop non-instructional/non-curriculum inventories, ongoing purchasing needs, and reorders
    • Collaborate with operational and instructional colleagues to ensure that deliveries are audited for accuracy, and inventoried/distributed quickly and efficiently
    • Ensure student and staff spaces at DRCS are set up with the technology, supplies, materials, and resources that they need to be successful.
    • Coordinate with Operational Leadership to ensure that purchases align to organizational financial goals.
  • Student Activities and Family/Community Initiatives Management
    • Lead in planning and executing student, family, and community events, including field trips, fundraisers, back to school nights, picture day, report card conferences, service events, home visits, celebratory events, etc.
    • Lead and/or support regular family facing communication, including family facing email updates/newsletters, auto-dialer/text updates, social media posts, website updates, etc.
    • Support the management and creation of DRCS volunteer and/or parent groups
    • Support the development of strong marketing and outreach materials for DRCS events and information
    • Create and implement systems to celebrate DRCS successes
    • Coordinate with the Operational and Instructional teams to support and maintain student enrollment
  • Operational Leadership and Support
    • Build capacity across the team by collaborating with operations and instructional leadership to identify areas for growth and provide high quality feedback and thought partnership
    • Create a student centered school environment for families and fellow staff members by providing top notch customer service and an ensuring that DRCS is tidy, print rich, and welcoming
    • Be willing to step in and “do what needs to be done” when unanticipated challenges surface

Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor Degree or Higher Required
  • Impactful teaching experience preferred
  • School operations experience preferred
  • Experience with Apple technology a plus
  • Experience with school information systems and software a plus

Title: Founding Operations Manager
Location: Philadelphia, PA 19134
Job Type: Full-time