About Deep Roots:

Deep Roots is an actively anti-racist and inclusive organization. We serve all students, support all families, and
advocate for our communities. Our learners and team will discover their purpose, potential and actively work to dismantle barriers within and beyond our walls. Our core values are practice, service and purpose.

  • Practice: Each and every individual in our school community, from student to leadership, will engage in deliberate practice, and value this as the path to excellence.
  • Service: Our service-learning model will be discipline based; it will require students to have a presence in the community, and reflect on their experiences regularly.
  • Purpose: We want to empower our students to uncover their unique gifts and talents, and apply them towards an outward purpose about which they are passionate.

At full growth Deep Roots Charter School (DRCS) will serve 360 K-5 students in the Kensington/Harrowgate neighborhoods of Philadelphia. Deep Roots has been educating students in Philadelphia since 2018.

Position Summary:

DRCS seeks a dynamic education leader with a track record of leading an organization, educators, and learners towards academic success. The Chief Executive Officers (CEO) will work under the Direction of the DRCS Board of Trustees to oversee the fiscal, instructional, cultural, and operational success of Deep Roots Charter School. The CEO is responsible for ensuring that Deep Roots Charter School provides a high quality, mission and vision driven educational/work experience for all DRCS students and employees.

To Apply: Interested candidates should submit a resume, cover letter, and any relevant Instructional Certifications to Board President of Deep Roots Charter School via the form below.

Qualifications, Mindsets and Skillsets:

  • Passion for innovative education and a commitment to serving diverse groups of students
  • Agreement with and passionate commitment to the mission and values of DRCS.
  • Proven success in encouraging parental involvement.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Demonstrates respect for diversity in all forms and practices inclusive behaviors.
  • Has a proven history as a reflective practitioner who seeks and responds to feedback for professional
  • Shows an exceptional ability to bridge and enhance cooperative working relationships, negotiate, and build
  • Demonstrates dependability, integrity, accountability, and takes responsibility for own actions.
  • Commitment to a culture of transparency, high expectations, and continuous improvement.

Responsibilities & Duties:

Mission & Academic Program

  • Preserve and promote the vision, mission, core values, and culture of the DRCS community.
  • Cultivate a culture of excellence through positive relationships with students, families, and the local community
  • Represent, communicate, and advocate on behalf of DRCS with authorizing agencies, local school district,
    local and state governmental agencies, and business partners, as directed by the Board.
  • Ensure the legal and ethical integrity of DRCS.
  • Recruit, manage, evaluate, lead, and inspire the leadership team.
  • Execute all decisions approved by the Board. Understand that authority resides with the Board,
    organizational bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, charter agreements, state and federal law.
  • Provide a safe and encouraging environment for learning.
  • Supervise and direct the schools’ day-to-day activities and affairs.

Stakeholder Management

  • Maintain a positive image of DRCS. Be the face of the school to the external community by serving as leader of partnership between DRCS and the community.
  • Build a strong, positive relationship between the organization and its governing board, employees, students, families, and the broader community.
  • Maintain a strong relationship with the chartering school district.

Student Achievement

  • Implement and instill best practices in education, instructional programs, and charter school operations to ensure that students demonstrate academic gains.
  • Make student-centered decisions that ensure equitable education for all students, including Special Education and ELL Learners.
  • Execute strong performance management of leadership, with academic goals and performance benchmarks, to ensure achievement gains are being realized.
  • Build a high-performing, consistent, data-driven culture to inform teaching, learning, and interventions.

Staff Development & Management

  • Supervise, observe, and monitor all instructional practices in the school, including coaching and mentoring, directly or through other staff and/or professional development programs.
  • Collaborate with the Leadership Team to strategize, develop, and implement plans for staff development, staff participation in decision making, and establishing career paths within the organization.
  • Manage teaching staff except that such actions shall be subject to review and/or approval by the Board of Trustees.
  • Lead school teams in developing effective systems and structures to communicate student performance data to all stakeholders, including students and families.
  • Serve as liaison to the Board of Trustees, including providing formal and informal reports to the Board and charter authorizer.

Human Resources

  • Develops policies for employment, employee relations, benefits and services, safety consciousness, performance appraisal and salary administration of all employees.
  • Oversee and develop evaluation protocols for all teachers, school-based employees, and Leadership Team.
  • Oversee the development and execution of consistent and fair personnel policies and procedures, including
    grievance procedures.
  • Oversee staff recruiting, training, and hiring practices.

Operations and Finance

  • Oversee all organizational operations including budgeting, accounting, human resources, contract management, facilities, and compliance.
  • Work with the Board to set economic objectives, financial and accounting policies.
  • Manage facility acquisition, maintenance, and renovation efforts.
  • Provide, in conjunction with the Business Manager, financial reports to the Board, county, state, and other
    agencies, as required.
  • Oversee the school’s income streams and provide direction for maintaining and seeking new funding
    sources for the organization.

Comprehensive Planning

  • Work with the Board and Leadership Team to create, refine, and implement a comprehensive plan that develops a stable, sustainable organization for the success of the school and the stakeholders it serves.
  • Assist the Board President in the development of Board agenda. Attend all Board meetings. Provide guidance to the Board and assist in decision-making.
  • Work with the Board as a “governance advisory team” and ensure collective responsibility for building a unity of purpose, communicating a common vision, and creating a positive organizational culture.
  • Evaluate all school management systems, annual goals and objectives in conjunction with faculty, the board and parents on an annual basis. Develop plans for continuous quality improvements.

Education and Experience:

  • Master’s or Terminal degree required.
  • Pennsylvania Certification in Administration or ability to acquire within one year.
  • Minimum 7 years teaching experience, and at least three-years’ experience senior school-based
  • Successful leadership in a public or private school, preferably but not necessarily as a Principal in a charter
    school setting, and preferably experience working with a Board.
  • Proven success as a leader in working with professional staff, students, and the community toward achieving
  • Experience recruiting, building, and retaining a strong, diverse team.

Deep Roots Charter School offers competitive benefits for full-time employees including but not limited to:

  • Medical, Dental and Vision Benefits
  • 403(b) Retirement Plan
  • Paid Time Off
  • Professional Development

Title: Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Location: Philadelphia, PA 19134
Job Type: Full-Time, In Person
Reports To: DRCS Board of Governors

To Apply: Interested candidates should submit a resume, cover letter, and any relevant Instructional Certifications to Board President of Deep Roots Charter School via the form below.

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